Ukraine. Alternative seats in parliament in case of explosion. Speaker of Parliament Ruslan Stephens explains

If the Supreme Council building is destroyed as a result of the Russian shelling, there will be four alternative meeting places for delegates, agreed Ruslan Stephensk, Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, in an interview with Ukrinform. Two of them are located in Kiev. The remaining seats outside the capital have not been released by the politician.

The Ukrainian parliament began preparing for a possible invasion late last year, taking into account all available reports of a possible Russian attack. – We do not expect a full-scale war. It seems to me that no one expects a full-scale war in the 21st century, Ruslan Stephensuk told Ukrinform. Report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

The Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, by the end of 2021, will launch mobilization operations in Verkovna Rada, verify the logistics, as well as confirm their presence at work, including the possibility of communication between parliamentary committees and factions. Alternative campus, not directly in the Parliament building. – We have developed alternative ways and means of conducting full sessions – he added.

Kyiv reduces curfew orders, opening theaters and theaters. Gradually return to normal

Parliament building in Kiev Oleksii Vakhrushev /

Earlier, Stefanczuk told reporters that there were several plans to demolish the parliament building as a result of the Russian bombings. When asked by Ukrinform about this issue, he replied:

– I can not say about all the plans, because there is still risk. I can not distribute all the information. If the parliament building was demolished, we would have two places where delegates could gather in Ukraine. We have also developed various ways to achieve these points. In case we could not leave Kiev, we chose two alternative locations in the capital for the Ukrainian people to make the necessary decisions and gather.

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German opposition leader Friedrich Mers during a visit to KievReuters

Stefanczuk: We need to be here

Ukrinform recalled that after the outbreak of the Russian military invasion, some Western leaders proposed to President Volodymyr Zhelensky. Safe deportation from the country. The leader of Vergovna Rada asked for similar recommendations.

– During my talks with my colleagues and the parliamentary leaders of many countries, they suggested that I be given the opportunity to stay in a particular country, if necessary. But we all decided to stay in Ukraine together. We have to be here – Stefanczuk insisted.

Main photo source: Oleksii Vakhrushev /

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