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A traffic accident in Mexico last week killed two actors of an upcoming original series Netflix Six other people were injured, according to officials and media reports.

The two murdered actors, Raimundo Gardono and Juan Francisco Aguilar, were in a car that accidentally overturned Thursday in a patch of desert near the Mullege community on the Baja California Sur peninsula. Other members and crew were injured during the wreck, which was reportedly a displacement but while filming for the show The Chosen One.

Friends of Aguilar – who sang under the name “Paku Mufuti” – told the media that he had previously complained about poor transportation and logistics by those involved in the management of the show, and called for an investigation.

“Baku touched the hearts of everyone he’s ever met – he was an amazing actor with a solid path,” said Liliana Konlisek Gallegos. Daily Beast. “He loved acting and playing music more than anything else in the world and devoted himself to it, and many times he experienced economic hardship. He sacrificed for his love of acting.

“I am outraged by reports of abuse and exploitation by people involved in the production. I would like to demand further investigation into this matter. If nothing goes wrong, there should be no problem in providing the information.”

Writer Faisal Lochmidial, who said he had worked with Mufote previously, added in a tweet that he was “completely devastated” and “outraged” to hear the allegations of “poor safety measures” on the set.

Netflix has not commented on the fatal accident, and no more details have been provided about what exactly caused the truck to overturn. The Chosen One is being filmed by an independent production company.

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the chosen The film revolves around a 12-year-old boy who realizes that it is the second coming of Jesus Christ and is tasked with saving humanity. He is said to have nothing to do with the Portuguese series of the same name.

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