Two different looks. Die Welt: “Germany wants to end the war, Poland wants to weaken Russia in the long run”

Every day, Polish politicians say what the Germans or the French usually don’t dare say when outlining one of their war aims: Russia must be ruthlessly and massively weakened as a result of its brutal and aggressive war with Ukraine.

What is a ceasefire?

The article’s author, Filip Fritz, quotes Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s statement in November 2022 as “typical of leading Polish politicians”. “In this war unleashed by Russia, there can be only one outcome: either Ukraine will win or all of Europe will lose.”

“Our goal is to stop Russia once and for all. We must not agree to a rotten compromise” – said a high-ranking diplomat of the Polish Foreign Ministry, who did not want to be named, in an interview with “Welt”. “A cease-fire on Russia’s terms would lead to a cessation of hostilities until Russia withdraws itself. Together. It is not in our interest,” he added.

So it’s not just rhetorical nuances between political leaders in Poland and Western European NATO countries. Statements by Prime Minister Morawiecki and President Andrzej Duda are expressions of assertive politics. Poland is considered Ukraine’s most important European helper

– says the advertiser.

Not only has it absorbed the majority of Ukrainian refugees, it has also spearheaded economic sanctions against Russia and began arming the Ukrainian military before the war broke out.. (…) Poland, at times, appears to be deterred from military involvement in Ukraine by its NATO partners.

Fritz mentions.

Peace or Punishment for Russia?

NATO and EU countries can currently be divided into two camps; In a study conducted by the European Council on Foreign Relations, political scientists Ivan Krastev and Mark Leonard attributed the concepts of “peace” and “justice” to these two groups, writes “Weld”. A group of countries, including Germany, wants an end to the fighting in Ukraine, even if that country has to make territorial concessions; The second main objective is to “punish” Russia.

According to Krastev and Leonard, Poland is the only EU country where most people prefer “justice” to a quick “peace”.

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Let us distinguish the victim from the executioner“- “Weld” said Marcin Przydacz, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. “The victim deserves help, and the attacker deserves an appropriate response” – he added.

Peace must be achieved, but not at the price of breaking the rules, Przydacz stressed. “If peace is to last, it must be preceded by an end to aggression and a withdrawal from Russia’s neo-imperialist and neo-colonial policies. Our goal must be to restore lasting peace and stability in Europe,” said the deputy head of the ministry. Foreign Affairs.

Two different approaches

The Polish view is different from the German one, which is more reluctant. “Poland and Germany differ fundamentally in their assessment of what the post-war European security architecture should look like” – Justyna Kotkowska, deputy director of the Center for Eastern Studies, told Welt.

According to him, there is hope in Berlin that somehow it will be possible to return to negotiations with Moscow. “In Warsaw, it is assumed that relations with Moscow are impossible in the foreseeable future and that security in Europe can only be built against Russia, not with Russia. To achieve this, Russia must be weakened now,” Kotkowska said.

Source:, PAP

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