Treatment Scheme Strategy for Fighting US Tour Date Speculators

This week, just days after Robert Smith dropped his Noel Gallagher remix, The Cure has announced a spring and summer North American tour. Now the legendary goth/new wave band has clarified their ticketing policy for that tour.

When announcing the band’s tour posted on their websiteAll ticket prices have been agreed by The Cure, and aside from a few Hollywood Bowl charity seats, there will be no ‘platinum’ or ‘dynamically priced’ tickets on this tour”, thus avoiding the inflated demand-based prices that have attracted criticism from Fans of Bruce Springsteen and other artists lately. Today, the treatment program explained how to fight bots and scalpers.

In a message posted on its social channels to coincide with the opening Fan registration verified Through Ticketmaster, the band wrote:

We want the tour to be affordable for all fans, and we have a very wide (and we think very fair) price range on each show. Our ticketing partners have agreed to help us stop loafers from getting in the way; To help reduce resales and keep prices at face value, tickets for this tour will not be transferable. If something happens that prevents fans from being able to use a ticket they have purchased, they will be able to resell it with a face ticket redemption.

Unfortunately, despite our desire to protect low ticket prices for fans, the states of New York, Illinois & Co. make this very difficult – they actually have laws that protect climbers! For shows in these countries, we encourage fans to buy or sell tickets to someone else on value ticket exchanges such as TWICKETS.LIVE and CASHORTRADE.ORG. Fans should avoid buying tickets that are being resold at inflated prices by scalpers, and sites hosting these scalpers should refrain from reselling tickets for our shows.

Certified Fan registration is now open. Good luck everyone!

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