Tour de France: Vingegaard leaves Pogacar in his wake in stunning stage 16 win – as it happened | Tour de France 2023

Jonas Vingaard wins the stage!

In what is arguably the greatest performance of his life, Jonas Vingaard won the stage in a time of 32 minutes 36 seconds. Pogacar, caught by Carlos Rodriguez’s two-minute leg, is second, 1 minute 38 seconds behind.

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Vingegaard leaves competitors far behind in the race for truth

Phase 16 Report: Jonas Vinggaard eclipsed Tadezh Pogacar’s hopes with a devastating performance in the 22.4km Tour de Verité from Passy to Complexe to extend his overall Tour de France lead from 10 seconds to nearly two minutes. Reporting by Jeremy Whittle…

Jonas Vingaard speaks…

“I was feeling great today,” says the stage winner and race leader. “I think it’s the best time trial I’ve ever done. I’m really proud of what I did today and I’m really happy to win. I even surprised myself today with my time trial. I didn’t expect to do that well.”

He was asked if his victory today meant the Tour de France was over. he said no”. “There are still a lot of difficult stages ahead so we have to keep fighting in the coming days and look forward to it. I’m really happy with the win today and I’m really proud of it. It’s the first time a rider has won the Tour de France.”

e-mail: Paul Griffin wrote: “It raises the startling possibility that Pogacar is not the new Eddy Merckx but the new Felice Grimondy, who was likely to be the greatest until the Belgian showed up and completely beat him”.

The top five in the general classification

  1. Jonas Vingegaard (Jumbo-Visma) 63 hours 6 minutes 53 seconds

  2. Tadej Pogacar (United Arab Emirates) + 1 min 48 sec

  3. Adam Yates (UAE) + 8 min 52 sec

  4. Carlos Rodriguez (Ineos Grenadiers) + 8min 57sec

  5. Jai Hindley (Bohra-Hansgrohe) +11min 15sec

Sepp Koes, Belo Bilbao, Simon Yates, David Gaudeau and Felix Gall make up the top ten.

The top five are in the fifth stage

  1. Jonas Vingaard (Jumbo-Visma), 32 minutes 36 seconds

  2. Tadej Pogacar (United Arab Emirates) + 1min 38sec

  3. Wout van Aert (Jumbo-Visma) + 2 minutes 51 seconds

  4. Belo Bilbao (Victorious Bahrain) + 2 minutes 55 seconds

  5. Simon Yates (Jaico – Al-Ula) + 2 minutes 58 seconds

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Remy Cavagna, Adam Yates, Matthias Skillmos, Mads Pedersen and David Gaudeau make up the top ten.

Jonas Vingaard wins the stage!

In what is arguably the greatest performance of his life, Jonas Vingaard won the stage in a time of 32 minutes 36 seconds. Pogacar, caught by Carlos Rodriguez’s two-minute leg, is second, 1 minute 38 seconds behind.

Jonas Vingaard: He takes another 10 seconds from Pogacar, who is not having a bad day and is about to pass Carlos Rodriguez, and extends the gap to 1 minute 32 seconds.

Jonas Vingaard: The gap to Pogacar on the road drops to 1 minute 22 seconds. If this time trial session were a little longer, Vingegaard would catch and overtake Tadej Pogacar. It’s an amazing effort from the Dane.

Jonas Vingaard: On the third time check, the champion has a 1 minute 5 second lead over Pogacar. This is huge!!! He has three kilometers left to go.

Tadej Pogacar: The live time on the road puts Jonas Vinggaard 51 seconds ahead of the Slovenian. He hasn’t changed his bike, in case you were wondering. Belo Bilbao had a good run to retain seventh in the GC ahead of Simon Yates. Gaudu is ninth in the GC ahead of Guillaume Martin.

Jonas Vingaard: The race leader achieves the second time with an official lead of 31 seconds over Pogacar. Both are on a brutal climb to the finish.

Jonas Vingaard: the John’s maillot Lead 30 seconds on Pogacar. David Gaudu came home fifth today, two minutes ahead of rival GC Guillaume Martin.

Tadej Pogacar: He hits the check for the second time with 6.3 km to go in 19 minutes 36 seconds. Will he change his bike? Yes! He kicks and throws his leg over the bar of his bicycle and mechanically catapults him.

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Vingaard vs Pogacar: Vingegaard took off like a rocket and opened up an unofficial 36-second gap on his rival for the lead in the GC.

Tadej Pogacar: Passing under the 10km flag, approaching the climb, 30 seconds on Vingegaard. Furthermore, Simon Yates is three seconds faster than Wout van Aert in the final time trial.

Yates twins: Adam was 47 seconds slower than Vingegaard in the first check, but only three times slower than his brother.

Jonas Vingaard: The check hits for the first time at 7.1 kilometres, a full 16 seconds faster than Pogacar. He’s flying!

Tadej Pogacar: The Slovenian took the first test 25 seconds faster than Stefan Kung, who was previously fastest at that point.

Fingerguard: “Today you show the world who’s the strongest,” says a voice from the team car into Al Dane’s earphone.

Eurosport: Those on the grid connections suspect that the graphic that put Vingegaard 20 seconds ahead of Van Aert after only five minutes of racing must be incorrect. I’m not sure.

Jonas Vingaard: Five minutes into the race, Jonas Vingegaard took 20 seconds off Wout van Aert’s time at the same point. creaky!

Yates twins: “You haven’t mentioned the Yates twins yet,” June writes. “How did they do?”

They’re on the road as I write, June. Simon has nine kilometers to go and is two seconds off Van Aert’s pace.

Jonas Vingaard started

Dressed in a seemingly painted yellow jumpsuit, the race leader and defending champion is the last man out of the starter’s hut, taking care to avoid the slippery section into the first corner that happened to a few riders earlier this afternoon.

Tadej Pogakar poses

Second on GC, just 10 seconds behind Jonas Vingegaard, the two-time Tour winner from Slovenia is rolling down the slope.

Wout van Aert takes the lead!

The Belgian is 15 seconds behind Remy Cavanagh’s time, coming home in 35 minutes 27 seconds. The Frenchman waves to the camera and vacates his hot seat. Au revoir, Remi. Al-Fatiha.

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Jay Hindley kicks off: In fifth place on the GC, the Australian pedaled his way out of the hut. David Gaudeau, to whom I foolishly hung £5 to win this year’s Tour, is on the road. I could have bought a pint with that money. Or throw it in the trash.

e-mail: “Wout hasn’t changed bikes, and he knows a thing or three about bikes and time trials,” Jeremy Boyce wrote.

Wot Van Aert: Heavy is the head who wears the crown and Remy Cavani looks a little heavy on the captain’s throne. It looks like Wout van Aert is about to take the lead, the Frenchman may have been anticipating losing him for some time. Sep Koss kicks off from the beginner’s hut.

Clouds Martin: Tenth in the general classification, the Cofidis rider took off. We are at the working end of this trial period now.

Wout van Aert Bigelian finished fourth at the bottom of the climb to the finish and is seven seconds slower than Kavagna, whose minutes on the leaders throne seem to be numbered.

Belgium’s Wout Van Aert of Jumbo-Visma is pictured in action during Stage 16. Image: shutterstock

Julian Alaphilippe: Smiling under the visor of his aerodynamic helmet and waving to the crowd, the French legend crossed the finish line in 1 minute 43 seconds.

Ciccone does it! He’s 40 seconds faster than Nelson Paulis on the climb and has guaranteed himself the plaid jersey for at least another day. There is a lot of climbing to be done, however, and tomorrow’s stage has two Category 1 climbs, Category 2 and HC. Saturday’s stage at Le Markstein Fellering had several brutal climbs as well.

Liddell - Italian Trek rider Giulio Ciccone wears Trek's best polka-dot (polka dot) shirt.
Liddell – Italian Trek rider Giulio Ciccone wears Trek’s best polka-dot (polka dot) shirt. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images

Giulio Ciccone: In the polka-dot jersey, the Italian is on his way to the final climb, having swapped his TT bike for a climbing shifter. He needs to go up in 30min 29sec to beat Nelson Paulis to take the most points, although some GC boys can smash them later.

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