Tommy Pham, Jock Pederson’s argument before the match

Cincinnati – Major League Baseball is investigating a pre-game altercation that took place Friday afternoon between the Reds. Tommy Fam and giants Jock Pederson.

Pham was scratched out of Cincinnati’s squad shortly before kick-off, with a Reds spokesperson saying he had agreed to sit out pending an MLB investigation.

An MLB spokesperson said: “MLB is investigating the incident that occurred prior to the match in which Mr. Pham was involved.” “Mr. Pham has agreed not to play this evening, pending the results of the MLB investigation.”

The Reds were practicing batting at Great American Ball Park when Pham and Pederson met on the left court. Several players intervened in the situation, and the caches of both teams were emptied.

It is not yet known exactly what triggered the incident, but a source told it was rooted in a group text conversation about a fantasy football league that had both players as participants.

Giants director Gabi Kapler was asked about the confrontation during his media presence with reporters, and said he was not ready to discuss it.

“We are investigating and learning as much as we can about the incident,” Kapler said. “I don’t really have more than that for you now. I feel like we’ll have a clearer understanding after the match.

“I am still looking into it. Take it seriously and learn as much as possible as quickly as possible.”

In the original Reds squad, Pham was third as the designated hitter. In their reformulated ranking, Alejo Lopez held DH.

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