Tommy Pham adds blame for Pederson’s slap to Commissioner Mike Trout

The The brutal fantasy football runner who dominated Major League Baseball It just doesn’t stop Tommy Fam and Jock Pederson.

Nor is it over yet, even after Pham’s three-game ban.

The incident apparently involves Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout, also known as “the worst commissioner in fantasy sports.”

If Trout had simply run the league, Pham joked, there wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place.

“The trout did a terrible job, man,” Pham said Tuesday. . “The trout is the worst commissioner in fantasy sports. Because he allowed a lot of these things to go on and he could solve it completely… Nobody wanted to be commissioner. I didn’t want to be commissioner. I had other things to do. He didn’t want to do that, we set him up.” on him.

“It was kind of our fault, because we made it commissioned.”

Tommy Pham returns after suspending 3 matches

Pham is back from a three-game ban Tuesday night, though, he didn’t play in the Cincinnati Reds’ series opener against the Boston Red Sox due to a tight calf.

The incident began last week, when Pham went and slapped Pedersen before the game on Friday over a fictional football dispute.

Apparently, Pham was furious with the league’s injured reserve rules and accused Pedersen of cheating in a group conversation. Pederson, according to Pham, also said “some disrespectful criticism” in that group chat about Pham.

The incident likely occurred during the 2020-21 NFL season as well, and Pederson said Pham left the league early and did not speak to him again until Friday’s altercation.

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Why he held a grudge for so long isn’t really clear to anyone, including Pederson – who told Pham that “it was all meant to be fun and games. No hard feelings.”

Until Friday when he slapped Pham Pederson, he said there wasn’t much to it.

“There was no real argument,” Pederson said. “He kind of came over and said, ‘Remember from last year?'” I said, “Fantasy football?” He said, “Yes” and….”

Femme’s account on Tuesday was similar.

“I said, ‘I haven’t forgotten about this,'” Pham said. . “I went up to him and slapped him.”

Trout has not commented on his role in the feud for The Athletic.

“This is something you really left behind,” Pham said, . “Everyone in that group chat, everyone knows. Some of these guys have been communicating with me. They already know what’s up.”

It appears that fantasy football commissioner Mike Trout is partly responsible for Tommy Pham’s slap on Jock Pederson. (Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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