Tom Sandoval’s restaurants are overrun with negative yelp comments about the cheating scandal


Tom Sandoval

Brutal Yelp Restaurant Review

…you cheat, we don’t eat

Two restaurants in los angeles connected to Tom Sandoval I saw scathing reviews in the aftermath of a scandal…it got so bad Yelp put the kibosh on everything.

The negative reviews target TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy’s – both previously owned Tom Schwartz And Sandoval – with all the reviews that come after it Tom’s relationship with costar “VPR” Raquel Levis audience gone.

One reviewer shared a photo of a Raquel-inspired cockroach they claimed they “found” while eating — pulling off a Raquel and Tom band look, which the reviewer says looks like “Freddy Krueger scratching on a chalkboard.”

Critics are also talking about sponsoring a different restaurant — something about her — AKA Ariana Madixsandwich shop.

And there’s this… “TomTom is a place for pigs and home maintenance workers.”

It didn’t get much better at Schwartz & Sandy’s… where again some called them “cheaters” and said Tom should live in a cave.

Lisa Vanderpump on Tom Sandoval, Raquel Levis Case

Yelp had to pull reviews for both restaurants… telling users there was an influx of reviews due to public interest, so the site hit the pause button while employees determined if these were real customer experiences.

As we reported, Tom asked everyone Leave Schwartz alone And he left his restaurants alone because he was just “a small part of something much bigger”…but that obviously didn’t stop people from blowing up the review.

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