Tom Sandoval cancels interview amid Raquel Levis scandal



March 4, 2023 | 12:02 p.m

Avoid the hot seat.

Tom Sandoval has backed out of a previously scheduled interview with Page Six next week after the scandalous announcement of his relationship with Raquel Levis on Friday.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star, 39, is set to sit down with us next Wednesday to discuss His partnership with Hydroyxcut and other topics on his reality show alongside his co-star and business partner, Tom Schwartz.

However, a Hydroxycut spokesperson told Page Six Friday — within hours of Sandoval receiving a backlash online for allegedly cheating on his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix — that Bravolebrity is no longer available to the press at this time.

However, the actor noted that the weight-loss company’s partnership with Sandoval “hasn’t changed” aside from “being forced to postpone interviews.”

We’re told Hydroxycut is still in the works the lottery In March with both Sandoval and Schwartz, they will make a trip to Los Angeles to meet them at their restaurants, Tom Tom, Schwartz and Sandy, which is currently being boycotted by fans.

“The winner may get all the gossip before we do,” the delegate said rudely.

Tom Sandoval canceled a previously scheduled interview with Page Six after news of his cheating scandal with Raquel Levis broke.
Instagram/Raquel Leves

A Bravo spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment on whether the network made the call to stop Sandoval from pressing. However, a separate source tells us that it wasn’t the reality star’s decision to postpone interviews.

Despite his limited media appearances, the love drama didn’t stop Sandoval from getting on stage with his band, Tom Sandoval and The Most Extra, Friday night.

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We’re told it wasn’t Sandoval’s decision to stop journalism amid the scandal.
Scott Grace/Bravo via Getty Images

The singer took a moment during the show to seemingly address his scandals, telling the audience, “Have you ever been one of the most hated people in America?”

Then he also replied, “We love it,” when the crowd started chanting, “Ariana!”

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Page Six exclusively learned on Friday that Sandoval and Levis, 28, had an affair that “continued for months” behind Madicks’ back and that the new beau wants to “be together” now.

“Ariana is heartbroken,” said a source, adding that the “Fancy AF Cocktails” creator feels “betrayed” by the former beauty queen.

The source also said Madix, 37, was “shocked” by her longtime boyfriend’s infidelity because she had “no idea there were any problems” in their relationship.

Sandoval has been dating Ariana Madix since 2014.
Getty Images

Madix found out Sandoval was unfaithful Wednesday night after she discovered a sexually explicit video of Leviss on her ex-partner’s phone.

After the cheating was announced, Sandoval was photographed packing his bags in a friend’s car and apparently walking out of the ex-husband’s home in Los Angeles.

A source previously confirmed to Page Six that “cameras are rolling” and the aim is for the aftermath of the relationship to be shown in the final episodes of season 10 of “Vanderpump Rules,” which is currently airing on Bravo.

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