Today’s Wordle #722 Hints, Clues, and Answer for Sunday, June 11th

Lazy Sunday is finally here! estate!

It’s not exactly lazy to me – it never is – with a backlog of so many projects to get done. I suppose it accumulates like this due to past laziness, which is kind of a correction of course. Procrastination always comes back to sting us in the back.

Really, the procrastination problem is what the vicious circle becomes. You are delaying one thing and then creating a choke point. Things don’t just pile up, they actively derail. There is a butterfly effect at work and it can get completely out of control if you are not careful.

I still hope You Have a nice, lazy day, dear Wordlers, even if I’m doomed to make up for my mistakes!

No rest for the punks and all that jazz.

Let’s do this Wordle!

How to solve Wordle today

hint: Defense!

Hint: This word has more consonants than vowels.

the answer:





Wordle Bot Analysis

I like whale as an opening statement. Common letters in an uncommonly used word. Today I reduced the remaining possible solutions to just 92, which isn’t great, but isn’t terrible either.

Box He ended up being the best player, taking 92 words and leaving only one: Protect In order to win! estate!

Today’s result: I get 1 point for guessing at three and zero for associating the robot with a total of 1 point! Woot!

The origin of the word Wordle today

The word “guard” originates from the Old French word “garde” which is derived from the Frankish word “Warda” or “wardn”. This Frankish word can be traced back to the Germanic root “wardan” or “wardōn”, which means “to watch” or “to guard”. Old English

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Play competitive Wordle against me!

I’ve been playing a brawler game of PvP Wordle against my enemy Wordle but. Now you must play against me! I can be your opponent! (And your handy Wordle guide, of course). You can too Play against a bot if you have a New York Times subscription.

  • Here are the rules: 1 point For a wordle in 3 guesses.
  • 2 points To get it in two guesses.
  • 3 points To get it at one guess.
  • 1 point to hit Eric
  • 0 points To get it in 4 guesses.
  • -1 point To get it in 5 guesses.
  • -2 points To get it in 6 guesses.
  • -3 points for his loss.
  • -1 point for losing to Eric

You can either keep a running tally of your score if that’s your jam or just play day in and day out if you prefer.

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