TJ Holmes and Amy Robach step out at GMA3 – Deadline

to update: Amy Robach And TJ Holmes They go out GMA3: what you want to know and leaving the network, an ABC News spokesperson confirmed.

“After several productive conversations with Amy Robach and TJ Holmes about different options, we all agreed it was best for everyone to move on from ABC News. We recognize their talent and commitment over the years and are grateful for their contributions,” said the spokesperson.

This announcement came after negotiation and mediation sessions. Robach and Holmes have been off the air since December, when reports surfaced of the two having a romantic relationship.

No permanent hosts have been announced for this show.

Robach also leaves another stint at the gridiron, as co-anchor for 20/20. In a note to staff, ABC News President Kim Godwin said the decision on who would star in this show and GMA3 “will come at a later date.” She acknowledged that the stories about Robach and Holmes were a “distraction”.

Previously: TJ Holmes and Amy Robach prepare to leave GMA3: What you need to knowafter the anchors were taken off the air following public revelations of a romantic relationship between the two news personalities.

Last month, ABC News president Kim Goodwin told staff that Holmes and Robach had been taken off the air pending an internal investigation. A source said a controversial mediation session was held on Thursday with the result that they are leaving. No official announcement has been made yet. Final details are still being worked out when they come out, but it was expected soon, according to a source familiar with the plans. Their departure was first reported by TMZ.

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Goodwin told the staff that the relationship between the two anchors had become “an in-and-out distraction” in the decision to pull them off the air, as their relationship had been the subject of tabloid headlines. The show has featured corresponding hosts ever since.

Holmes and Robach served as co-hosts GMA3 Since September 2020, she has joined ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Jennifer Ashton and replaced a special program dedicated to the COVID pandemic that had launched earlier that year. The previous incarnation of Good morning America spin off, GMA3: Strahan, Sarah and Kikiwhich ended earlier that year.

In announcing Holmes and Robach’s removal from the broadcast, Goodwin told the staff that “While the relationship is not a violation of company policy, I have taken the last few days to reflect and work through what I believe is best for the ABC News organization.”

The Robach-Holmes affair was revealed in a story and photos. Robach is married to actor Andrew Shaw and Holmes to attorney Marilee Febig, and they have reportedly divorced.

GMA3However, it depends on the chemistry between the two hosts, which generally makes the situation awkward. Contracts for prominent media personalities usually include morality clauses, but the Holmes and Robach camps are said to have been adamant that even this provision did not violate a consensual relationship.

Meanwhile, the entire episode continued to attract intense scrutiny from celebrity and media reporters.

More is coming.

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