TikTok and Huawei banned in Poland? Unofficial reports

Rzeczpospolita reports that the Digitization Council, which operates in the Prime Minister’s Office, is set to submit a recommendation on Monday to ban the use of Chinese apps on government officials’ devices. The recommendations also apply to Chinese giant Huawei.

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The newspaper notes that many countries block the possibility of installing TikTok on the phones of public administration representatives.

“If the government accepts the Council’s critical position on the application, it could be similar on the Vistula River. The Chinese giant has been accused of excessive access to user data and cooperation with officials in Beijing.

“Last week, while the investigation of TikTok’s chairman was going on in the US Congress, the Council on Digitalization (RdsC, Advisory Committee to the Prime Minister) produced a draft recommendation to overturn the Chinese application. As we found out, the members of the expiring Council are not unanimous about the form of the position that will be placed on Mateusz Morawiecki’s desk. On Friday evening, they sent their comments and corrections. What form the document will eventually take, we will find out on March 27. The RdsC will present its final recommendation for the Prime Minister’s post on Monday.

According to a newspaper report, a draft report on blocking applications on official devices of public administration employees was leaked to the media on Friday.

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“This shows that TikTok will be removed from official devices of members and employees of the Sejm, Senate and Government, as well as from personal devices, if official software is installed on them (although in this case it is possible to remove official applications). Similar restrictions apply to other officials of the public administration, broadly understood.

“Digital Council expresses positive opinion on removal of Chinese TikTok app from business phones of government officials and employees” – We are studying in the program.

“Experts have also raised concerns about the security of data stored on devices with the app installed, and pointed out that TikTok may support Chinese authorities and their intelligence services in collecting large amounts of data. “With an emphasis on high-value political and security goals” The magazine says.

According to the newspaper, the council’s recommendation could also hit other Chinese manufacturers such as ZTE, OnePlus, Realme and Xiaomi.

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