Tiger Woods fuels Masters’ unexpected tilt with Augusta Training Tour | Gentlemen

Prospect tiger wood An amazing comeback in the Masters next week is further heightened with the 15-time main winner arriving on Tuesday at Augusta National for a practice run. He has not played golf since sustaining a serious leg injury in a car accident in February last year.

Woods is expected to assess his physical ability to play in his first men’s major tournament of 2022 after playing 18 holes, with a decision likely to be made before the end of this week. Woods’ body’s reaction to the walk in the mountainous terrain of Augusta will be key. When Woods’ private jet landed in Georgia on Tuesday morning, bookmakers immediately cut the odds of claiming what would be a sixth green jacket to around 50-1.

Woods, who won the 2019 Masters after returning from several back surgeries, was seen as unlikely to play competitively before this year’s Open in St Andrews, at the earliest. He appeared alongside his son Charlie at the PNC Championship in December but with the help of a golf cart. A month ago, he admitted he was “lucky to be alive” after the accident in Los Angeles, adding, “Now I can play golf. To what level? I don’t know.”

Pictures have surfaced in recent days of Woods playing at the medal-winning club in Florida, fueling speculation of the Masters’ unlikely return. While he’s a master of creating mystery, the fact that the 46-year-old is ready to visit Augusta at this juncture means he considers the possibility of playing in the 86th Masters a serious.

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