“This piece is a ticking time bomb.”

In May 2023 alone, militants beheaded 15 people in a village in northern Benin. They also abducted several residents.

Benin is another country in West Africa targeted by jihadists. They want to confuse him. Islamic terrorist groups are already entrenched in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Nigeria. In multi-ethnic Benin, a republic of about 14 million people, only about 27 percent of the population is Muslim. Its citizens are eager to protect the country.

Afternoon. Six forest elephants, darker and smaller than their savannah siblings, stand at the edge of a large body of water, half covered with lilies and reeds. None of them pay attention to crocodiles, whose eyelashes protrude from the surface of the water. There is a peaceful scenery with countless colorful birds singing.

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