This is how young Russians are forced to join the army. It came to light – o2

According to the Ukrainian portal 24TV, students of the Moscow Institute of Finance were victims of military conscription. The youths, who were staying in the university hostel, were detained and later taken to the Military Command.

War in Ukraine. They didn’t want to join the army, they were forced

Already at the police station, the students were informed that they were newly recruited into the Russian army. One of the young people who took such an incarnation was Matvey Yudin. Six or seven other colleagues shared Matvey’s fate, his brother Kirilo said.

Matvei Yudin could not contact his loved ones for 13 hours. Only after this time was the student allowed to call relatives. According to him, he and other recruits are still detained at the military commissariat, but they have not even passed the medical examination.

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After this call, Yudin’s relatives again lost contact with him. Relatives themselves called the police station – the duty officer answered the call and informed that the students were already on their way to the collection point.

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