This is how the Russians behave in Cyprus. Hard to believe – o2

There is a defamatory video of Limassol on social media In Cyprus, the Russians organized a pro-Russian campaign ahead of Flag Day.

Pro-war slogans in pro-Russian action

The action was organized by the Coordination Council of Russians of Cyprus, as reported by the propaganda agency Ria-Novosti. “They stretched the 53-meter flag of Russia, specially created for organizing pro-Russia events in Cyprus, including folding the letters” Z “and” V “from it, they put pro-Russia slogans in two languages” – it was reported.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. In addition to pro-war symbols, pro-war, pro-Russian and pro-Putin slogans appeared. Photos show posters with the words: “With Russia we will stop neo-Nazism”, “Cyprus-Russia. Orthodoxy”, “Down with lies in the media”.

They shouted: Putin “great leader” and Zelensky “terrorist”

The gathered Russians also chanted: “God is with us”, “Support Russia as a guarantor of the Cyprus economy” We support Russia’s actions “, “Putin is a great leader,” they called Ukrainian President Zelensky a “terrorist.”

“Zelensky is a terrorist, stop torturing prisoners of war”, “Russia is telling the truth”, “Russia! Save us from fascism!”, “No NATO in Ukraine and Cyprus”, “Russia! Save the planet” – you can hear. records.

A video of the campaign activity was made available by others, an adviser to Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Heraschenko. – One thing confuses me. Why do they love Russia so passionately when they are far away? – he wrote on Twitter.

“Cyprus supports Russia”?

In recent days, there has been a debate about visa restrictions for Russian citizens. In this way the Ukrainian authorities hope to contribute to the spread of the concept of “Ruthenian Mir” in the European Union and other countries. Cyprus and Greece are on the list of opponents of these restrictions.

Zelensky calls for visa restrictions for Russians

Zelenskiy himself called for an end to the issuance of visas to Russian citizens by EU countries. He argued that the EU should not be a “supermarket”. “There must be a guarantee that Russian murderers or accomplices in terrorist positions will not use Schengen visas,” the Ukrainian president said.

A similar sentiment was echoed by his adviser, Mykhailo Podolak. As he wrote, “Six months of war showed that they did not care about mass killings, demolished cities, nuclear threats, Bucha and Mariupol.”

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