This disturbing reality bodycam game has mixed reviews and many players

Very realistic shooter Bodycam camera, shown from the first-person perspective of the featured cameras, launched in Early Access yesterday. Despite mixed reviews, it has a relatively high number of concurrent players of 7,622 at the time of writing. Its 24-hour peak was more than double that, 16,457. It also sits at No. 3 on Steam’s best-selling chart, so these numbers are likely only to rise.

Bodycam is a multiplayer FPS game developed by just two people, Luca and Leo, who are 17 and 20 years old respectively. It’s one of the most realistic shooters on the market right now, made with Unreal Engine 5. From a body camera perspective, lights appear brighter, gunshots sound louder, and every step causes the screen to shake and sway, making matches look incredibly tense. “Body movement and aiming are something you have to adapt to,” one positive reviewer wrote.

It was very much on my wish list, and that seems to have translated into high sales numbers as well. Despite its popularity, players have given it very mixed reviews so far. One dissatisfied Steam reviewer wrote: “I wanted to like this, but it’s basically a UE5 project that just has code to kill players and win a match with great graphics. It’s basically a playable tech demo, except you pay $30 for it.”

This price may be a bit steep for some, especially since this is an early access game. Most complaints relate to confusing menus and players being unprepared in the lobbies. One person said they were “unable to get into the server” and another wrote that the game was “unplayable until the developers discover a matchmaking issue.” Currently it is a lobby simulator.

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If you want to see what all the fuss is about and get it now, The Bodycam is currently on sale for $29.98 / £26.55, down from $33.32 / £29.50. This is an introductory offer that runs until June 14th. You can buy it here.

If you’d rather wait until some of the kinks are worked out and the reviews are a bit more positive, there are plenty of multiplayer games you can play in the meantime. And if you want a break from the crowd, how about some engaging story games?

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