This bug in iOS 17 is killing my sleep

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Likes More than half of American adults-I need a little noise to go to sleep. Some people use a white noise machine or their TV, but I prefer playing podcasts on my phone. At least that was my preferred method even iOS 17 He came along and messed things up.

Apple’s latest iOS operating system was released on September 18, as well as causing… iPhone 15s overheatingIt also causes Some iPhones randomly restart overnight. One way to know if this is happening to your phone is if you have to dial in your passcode to unlock the phone or look at the Battery section in Settings to see if your phone activity drops to nothing, as it does around 6 a.m.

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For me, that sudden quiet that happens when the phone goes off can disrupt my sleep when I wake up early in the morning wondering why it’s so quiet. It also requires me to replay the podcast I was listening to in order to go back to sleep, which is a task that must be done during a half-sleep.

Apple has not yet addressed this restart issue. The next update to the iPhone operating system, iOS 17.1, will be released to beta users next week, but according to… MacRumorsand does not include a fix for the problem.

Apple did not respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment on this issue.

Hopefully the iPhone maker will listen to the pleas of iPhone owners, like me, who want their phones to keep making noise throughout the night so we can get some sleep.

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