“They’re blocking everything for now.” Hungary’s staunch opposition

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One of them said: “For now, they are blocking everything related to military support to Ukraine.”

Budapest’s reservation could last at least until the European Parliament elections in June.

However, the project convinced Budapest not to block the project The Hungarian government has not implemented its termsBy not supporting the necessary legislation.

Orban’s revolt at NATO. “A State We Are Not Participating In”

– A new term was now coined to describe the Hungarian position: “non-participation”. So we are now a non-participating state – Orban said. According to him, Hungary is the most guided by the alliance’s “basic philosophy” of all NATO countries.

Orban’s government, a long-time critic of Western military aid to Kiev, blocked EUR 50 billion in EU financial aid to Ukraine until early February. Budapest opposes — without formally blocking — Ukraine’s integration with NATO and the EU and opposes the opening of accession talks between Brussels and Kiev.

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