They threw the Russians off the bus in Georgia. “Return to your Russia” [WIDEO]

The beginning of the conflict between Russians and Georgians traveling on the bus is not recorded. A passenger who captured the moment on film noted from behind the camera that passengers shouted “Glory to Russia”.

In response, Georgians were instructed to “shut up” and “return to their Russia.”

“Go to your Russia and never come back!” One of the passengers tells the Russians.

“If you don’t like it, what are you doing in Georgia? Go to Russia” – others shout.

“All of Europe considers you invaders. No one needs you – not Europe, not America, not Georgia!” – Passengers commented.

The driver intervened and ordered the Russians to leave.

“Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”

The passengers shouted as one of the Russians turned and gave the Georgians the middle finger.

Some point out that Russian-speaking tourists may actually come from Kazakhstan. However, according to public testimony, they were supporters of Putin and raised pro-Russian slogans during the trip.

We remind you that a few days ago a similar case happened in Tbilisi, when a Georgian taxi driver kicked out a Russian tourist from his car, asking him to stop the Ukrainian music he was listening to.

In turn, there was a case against a taxi driver who threw two Russian tourists from his car in the Georgian city of Rustavi.

Source: NEXTA,

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