They found it with the Russians. Something that has been talked about for a long time has come to light – o2

For a long time, the European media also relied on intelligence sources and referred to them in the newsThe Russians are ready to fill the front with volunteers who are too old to send superficially trained soldiers into battle. It has been mentioned several times that the newly formed army from Russia is about to sign contracts, after which they can return home. Without this support, Vladimir Putin’s increasingly weakened army would be in serious trouble. For some, a trip to Ukraine will be the last trip in their life. No wonder people over forty took up arms on the side of the enemy.

They found it with the Russians. Documents leave no illusions

Here are the wiretapped documents and phones of Russian volunteers killed by the Ukrainian 81st Airborne Division in Donetsk. Rob Lee, a war expert with a major interest in Russia, said on Twitter that the form showed the volunteer signed a contract for 6 months at the age of 44. More than half a million users follow him on social media.

The aforementioned volunteer lost his life near Slovianska. The source of the reports shared by Rob Lee on Twitter is the command of the Air Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Photos show “militarized” invaders, their personal belongings and six-month contracts that allow them to “properly” return home and give their relatives a new Lada – we read in the build on Facebook. – Death to the Russian invaders! Win together! Glory to Ukraine! – added.

The war in Ukraine has been going on since February 24, 2022. That day, like Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked army, it attacked its neighbor, hoping for a quick victory. Defenders of Ukraine have been fighting bravely for the freedom of their homeland for almost half a year. Currently, the situation is very difficult in the east and south of the country.

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