These words of the Pope caused a great stir. Francis apologized

During the meeting With about 200 bishops from the Italian Synod, the Pope called for greater selection in accepting candidates into the seminary. Italian portal Dagospia reported that Francis said “homosexuality” is rampant today.

“Frociaggine”, the word he used, is considered vulgar and very sharp in Italian.

“Pope Francis continues to review behind closed doors the recently published articles on the dialogue with the bishops of the Italian Episcopal Conference,” he said in a statement. Director of the Press Office of the Holy See, Matteo Bruni.

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As “(Pope – ed.) has said on various occasions, ‘There is a place for everyone in the church! No one is superfluous, no one is unnecessary, everyone has a place. Who are we for?“- noted the Vatican spokesman, recalling the Pope’s words.

“The Pope never He meant no offence or make homophobic statements and apologize to those who were offended by the use of the phrase used by others,” Bruni added.

Pope Francis apologized for his words. The media comment on this case

Italian media cited Francis’ formula as he used it during a meeting with bishops.

Corriere della Sera daily After the Pope’s words he writes about “concern”.. Assessed “Bercoglio is unpredictable, which has its good and sometimes bad sides”.

“In public discourses, both at Rome and when travelling, he often looked from the text, Francis says some very interesting – or troubling – things“- added.

“Of course, no one doubts It’s a mess, albeit unpleasant. Francis is the same person who surprised the world a few months after his election: “Who am I to judge gays?” – recalled the newspaper and She noticed that the Pope “stumbled in Italian.”. Added that happened before.

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“Il Messaggero” wonders if this “inappropriate statement” by the Pope You can see something else More of a linguistic slip than an accident.

“La Repubblica”, in turn, writes about the “homosexual cafe”, and in this way, to the surprise of the bishops, the Pope encourages them not to admit homosexuals into seminaries.

“La Stampa” reports He cites the storm unleashed by the report and the furious comments LGBT communities talking about the phrase “offensive and demeaning”.

The media also reminded us of this More accurate assessment of candidates for seminarsBased on their orientation, it has been debated in the church for years.

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