These weapons hold the key to giving Ukraine an advantage up front. “Russia is very afraid of this”

Olaf Scholz is under increasing pressure – not only in the EU but also in his own country.

At the request of the CDU/CSU, the referendum was held in the Bundestag Regarding the supply of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine. Although the members of this parliamentary segment had high confidence in him, he did not get a majority – 495 of the 690 MPs who took part in the vote were against giving Taurus to Ukraine.

Despite this, more and more politicians are talking publicly about considering the idea.

Only the far-right alternative to Germany actively cooperated with the Kremlin Before his aggression against Ukraine, as opposed to increasing the scope of cooperation. However, his proposal to ban the training of Ukrainian soldiers on German soil was removed from the agenda in the Bundestag.

Despite the growing pressure, Olaf Scholes remains adamant.

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