These should be welcome drinks. “I Woke Up During Rape”

Two young mothers, Amber Shearer and Tongayla Dobson, The longtime friends decided to spend their vacation in the Caribbean. It must be their first trip without the kids.

So, the search began A dream offer. After reviewing numerous offers, they decided to take advantage of the travel agency's festival offer and went on the trip.

At first everything was fine. However, the idyll did not last long. A stopover at a resort in the Bahamas turned out to be the place of drama for them.

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A heavenly holiday turned into real hell. Tourists warn women

All because of the cocktail, A hotel employee offered them. – After a few sips, we realized something was wrong. We were sick, one of the wounded recalled.

15 minutes later they showed up They experienced severe dizziness and suddenly – as they admitted – the film stopped. – I woke up during my own rape – admitted one of the victims.

Women's accounts indicate that they were victims By a resort employee and his partner. The victims complained to the police. The accused – a 54-year-old and a 40-year-old man – were arrested by uniformed officers.

Amber Shearer and Tongaila Dobson, from Kentucky, USA, have already been taken care of by their families. However, they still require medical treatment. The women agreed that they now have to regularly take the most expensive preventive medicine against HIV, which costs $4,000 (approximately PLN 16,000).

Despite traumatic experiences The injured are appearing in American media and telling their stories. In this way, they want to warn other women against similar experiences.

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