There are fires near Moscow. Was the truth hidden for fear of Putin? – o2

Ryazan region is about 250 km from Moscow. Despite this distance, the smoke of the burning forests created such a thick smog that it not only reached the Russian capital, but also seriously obstructed the view of its citizens.

Forest fire near Moscow. Wrath of Vladimir Putin feared?

According to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, the fire continues in six areas. These reports were confirmed by the governor of the region, Pavel Malko.

Fires continue in six areas, while three have yet to confirm their presence. Several more fires appeared during the night and were quickly extinguished – confirmed Paweł Małkow in Telegram.

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Hundreds of firefighters are battling the blaze, and water is being dropped from planes. The Federal Forestry Agency blamed authorities in the Ryazan region for an inadequate response to the fires.

Forestry officials of the Ryazan region and natural areas slept on forest fires and hid the true scale of the problem, which prevented federal forces from responding in time, the state agency thundered in a press release cited by RIA Novosti.

Pavel Malkov disclosed that 1980 hectares of forests were affected by the fire. However, the governor’s statement was questioned by Greenpeace officials, who found that the fire had burned up to 8,100 hectares. Environmentalists say regional authorities are underestimating the extent of the fires, fearing they will be blamed by the Kremlin, even though they lack the resources to fight them. Greenpeace officials also believe the first flames were caused by human activity.

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Fires are more likely to be caused by human activity. And the heat and dryness created favorable conditions for the fire to spread, according to a Greenpeace (Daily Mail) spokesperson.

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