The Zelda: Ocarina Of Time PC Port is now finished and out

Photo: Nintendo

Development has finally been completed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The PC port, and you can go and play with Link and ride around Hyrule Field on Epona now that it’s out now!

This port is only made possible by a fan project to reverse-engineer Ocarina of Time, where the code itself is legal because it doesn’t use any leaked content or copyrighted assets. To run the port, you will need to find the N64 ROM from legal sources for the N64 game.

Harbor Masters, the mind behind this PC port, has announced the launch of their project in true Nintendo fan style – with Live Ad. You can even play it on Steam Deck!

But Harbor Masters don’t count on its laurels either. The developers will be adding more to the port, including text-to-speech, 60fps visuals, HD models and audio, more texture packs for the game, support for Mac and Linux users, among many other things. there Already many modifications available As for the port, too – from cool to silly, of course – so there’s a slew of things to do in addition to replaying and beating one of the best Zelda games ever.

We can imagine this would be a boon for speed runners in particular. Ocarina of Time is a very popular fast paced racing game, and this port for PC makes it even easier for gamers.

The Harbor Masters also said they’d like to do something similar with Majora’s Mask, and we’re sure a lot of people will be very excited. Reverse engineering is going on for that now, and that’s fair Over 45% complete.

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