The White House has not ruled out handing over fighters to Ukraine. Kirby: These are preliminary analyses World news

During the virtual conference White House John Kirby said the Pentagon is conducting preliminary studies on the possibility of supplying Ukraine. Airplane War.

Kirby, however, made reservations that immediate delivery of the machines would be impossible.

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– Coordinating and operating any aircraft, especially an advanced fighter, with complex sensors and communication systems and weapons is a difficult task. So it won’t happen anytime soon – Kirby also pointed to the need for proper engine maintenance, spare parts supply and pilot training.

Polish radio reporter Marek Walkuski asked Kirby what had changed since the White House opposed handing over MiG fighter jets to Ukraine.

The officer replied that it is now game Surrendering the US is a completely different approach than entering post-Soviet aircraft. The White House strategic communications coordinator also noted that the analyzes carried out by the Pentagon were very preliminary.

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Another round of US military aid to Ukraine

The White House announced a $270 million military aid package for Ukraine on Friday. US assistance will also include HIMARS systems, artillery munitions and drones.

The latest The military aid package for Ukraine consists of two parts. $170 million worth of weapons will be donated from current Pentagon stockpiles. Another 100 million will be allocated for the purchase of equipment from defense companies as part of the Ukraine Defense Assistance Initiative fund. This is the sixteenth round of US military assistance to Kiev.

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Olena Zelenska in the US. He met with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken

The latest package includes four HIMARS high-mobility rocket artillery systems with ammunition. including extras Ukraine There will be 16 such settings. In addition, the United States will provide Ukraine with 36,000 artillery shells, combat vehicles and anti-tank systems. They will also buy 580 Phoenix Ghost tactical drones for the Ukrainian military.

Since the beginning of the Biden administration, the United States has donated $8 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine.


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