The war in Donbass shatters the morale of Ukrainian soldiers. There is exclusion

Ukrainian forces have suffered heavy casualties and are struggling to find their way out. They have 20 times less artillery, 40 times less ammunition and much less range than Russian troops, the British daily The Independent reported, citing a new intelligence report.

The statement, which reached “independence”, was first revealed Concerns about the exit of Ukrainian soldiers. It also says that Ukrainian forces are capable of attacking Russian forces at a distance of 15.5 miles (about 25 km). Can shoot up to 12 times longer distances.

The war in Donbass in eastern Ukraine is “deeply depressing for Ukrainian forces” and “the number of exit cases is increasing every week,” the Independent was quoted as saying.

Dr. Adam Eberhardt, director of the Center for Eastern Studies, holds a similar view. In the morning talk on RMF FM, Robert Mazurek’s guest pointed out that Russia is playing not only for Ukraine’s economic exhaustion, but for that as well. The morale of the Ukrainian defenders will falter. The war has been going on for three and a half months. Ukrainians fight a bit like adrenaline, very brave, but remember about the costs that this war will bring to Ukraine.

The situation presented by the Ukrainians for several weeks is not promising for Ukraine. Ukraine, with its highly effective information policy, was sometimes the frontier of a campaign of victory, which in itself provoked a minor problem. The idea was that Ukraine would win, and if it won, we would not have to arm it. Today, the language of Ukrainian news has changed – RMF FM guest said.

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Adam Eberhardt: Ukrainians are already struggling with adrenaline smoke

That too is growing Russia’s advantage in the number of prisoners captured Warfare. The number of Russian prisoners of war captured in Ukraine was 900 in April, but dropped to 550 after a series of exchanges. On the other hand, there are 5,600 Ukrainian prisoners of war in the hands of the Russians.It was established – including about 2,500 Mariupol guards captured.

The Russians insist on exchanging one for another. That is, as of now, 4,500 Ukrainian prisoners of war are likely to remain in Russian prisons until peace is achieved. Moscow is likely to use this as a foreign power Will destabilize Ukraine domesticallyIf their families do not have social security and transparent communication – Wrote in the statement.

“The Independent” is reminiscent of the United Kingdom’s announcement of providing the M270 missile missile to Ukraine and the HIMARS launcher to the United States, in the context of arms domination. However, the press insists London has sent only three systems so far, while Washington has sent fourThis is far less than Kiev thinks to stop Russia’s offensive.

We are certainly grateful to our allies for their support. New weapons are welcome, but when Western governments announce they will send military aid to Ukraine, they will probably have to explain to the public how much they are. – An unnamed Ukrainian official quoted the newspaper.

According to the intelligence report, “It is obvious that you can not win a regular battle if you have your side.” Many times less weaponsYour weapon strikes the enemy at short distances and you have far fewer ammunition than your enemy.

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The tactical situation in eastern Ukraine is as follows (…) The missiles on the Ukrainian side are completely exhausted For multi-front missile missiles of the Smyrch and Uragan type, it was able to effectively repel Russian attacks from a distance (60-80 km) in the first months of the invasion. – Quotes the “Independence” statement.

Currently, the maximum firing range of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is 25 km. The remaining 152/155 mm caliber artillery and GRAT multiple rocket launchers are capable of firing range using Smearks and Tosca-U multi-lead launchers (…), leading launchers using the z (40-60 km) Eurogan Multi – Explained.

According to the report, this creates a situation Absolute imbalance on the battlefieldNot to mention the total air dominance of enemy aircraft “, which can only occasionally be disrupted by the use of air missiles from stinger surfaces or as a result of Russian pilots’ mistakes.

The report concludes that the Russians are fully aware of it Only small quantities of Western weapons were sent to UkraineAnd its displacement is slow. They are trying to take advantage of the current situation by using artillery to break the Ukrainian defense at Donbass.

The Javelin and NLAW anti-tank missiles supplied to Ukraine by the United States and Great Britain have been successfully demonstrated on battlefields around Kiev and Kharkiv, and will be effective in the Donbass. They are causing great loss to the Russians Also switch blade comic drones. However, as highlighted in the intelligence report, anti-tank weapons “can not resist Russian artillery and rocket-propelled grenades.”

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The enemy surrounded the Ukrainian forces concentrated in Chevrodonetsk and Lysyansk (…). The security of these two cities has become very difficultBecause most of the roads that can be used to carry goods are within the borders of the Russians – It was written.

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