The US has announced the largest military aid to Ukraine to date. Respect? A billion dollars

Department of Defense America The latest aid package for Ukraine reportedly includes weapons currently in the Pentagon’s resources.

This is the largest collection to date from U.S. warehouses and will provide a significant amount of additional ammunition, weapons, and equipment that the Ukrainian people use so effectively to defend their country.

– was written in the press release.

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Ambulance for Ukraine. “Think of the child meeting his father at home. It’s not just a pile of iron and equipment.”

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Russia accuses the US of direct involvement in the war in Ukraine

US Arms Ukraine What’s in the latest support package?

In addition to missiles for the HIMARS high-speed artillery systems and NASAMS air defense systems, Ukraine will receive from the United States 20 mortars with 20,000 missiles, 75,000 155-millimeter artillery rounds, 1,000 Javelin missiles and a hundred anti-missile missiles. . In addition, the Americans will provide Ukraine with 50 armored medical vehicles, anti-personnel mines and medical equipment.

Colin Call, the deputy defense secretary, said Monday AmericaThe equipment is critical in supporting Ukrainians in repelling a Russian offensive in the east and responding to developments in the south and elsewhere in the country.

The military aid announced Monday is the 18th U.S. military support package for Ukraine. Since the start of the Russian invasion, the U.S. government has donated $9 billion worth of military equipment to Ukraine, and nearly $10 billion since Joe Biden’s presidency.

US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi JinpingA conversation between the US and Chinese leaders. “Don’t play with fire,” warned Biden.

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$4.5 billion in financial aid to Ukraine

On Monday, the World Bank announced the start of US financial assistance to Ukraine. It is about 4.5 billion dollars. The fund is intended to help meet urgent needs related to Kyiv.Inside. with payment Pension and settlement of other obligations.

This economic aid is crucial in protecting the democracy of the Ukrainian people against Russia’s unprovoked aggression.

– US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said.

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