The Universal Studios Hollywood performer was hospitalized after a WaterWorld stunt accident

International City, Los Angeles (CABC) – A Universal Studios Hollywood performer remains hospitalized after a sudden accident on the set of WaterWorld.

According to a Universal Studios Hollywood spokesperson, it happened during a show on Monday afternoon. Initial calls reported a possible sinking.

“Our thoughts are with him when he receives care,” said the spokesperson. Details surrounding the event are under review.

Daisy Angiano, who was one of the guests who watched the performance, said that the performer was on one of the towers and, as part of the performance, fell into the water.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, maybe something or someone is drowning,'” she recalls. He might be the one who caused the drop. Did something happen? “.

Angiano captured the dramatic scene on her cell phone, saying it was during the show’s scene when the villain caught fire and fell into the water near the grand finale.

“It was a full house, as it happened in front of everybody,” she said.

Angiano said she saw a cast member run to grab a life jacket. Her video showed several people dragging the performer into a backstage area.

“Everyone on the crew and the crew is doing it together so they don’t let this person die,” Angiano said. He was unconscious while being pulled from the water.

The show is eventually canceled and the guests are taken away. Angiano, who said she attends Universal Studios Hollywood every Monday, said she never expected something so traumatic to happen during her favorite show.

“The idea of ​​them getting injured is very low because they’ve been doing it for so long,” she said.

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The status of the performer is still unknown.

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