The Trump case. A former ambassador to the Republic of Poland warns: It’s too dangerous

Recall that Donald Trump was indicted on 34 charges on TuesdayIncluding paying porn star Stormy Daniels with campaign money. Trump is said to have tried to justify his silence in this way About their love. Later in the afternoon, the former president surrendered himself to the judiciary, which amounted to his arrest. After being indicted, Trump was acquitted and left the New York courthouse.

I’m afraid it could hurt the campaign and it could strengthen Trump’s nomination chancesNot necessarily to increase his chances of getting elected. How much this type of polarization will benefit Trump as the Republican nominee is difficult to determine, but it will certainly benefit him in his bid for the nomination, Reiter said.

– Whether this procedure is currently necessary and necessary can be determined differently. In a case that is not at the top of Trump’s list of sins, this kind of accusation by the prosecutor raises some doubts in the US.

“Trump certainly deserves a moral assessment, he has a long list of sins,” he concluded, “but those who remind him of this moment are the least important on that list.

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