The three zodiac signs with the rough horoscope on Thursday May 5, 2022

What begins as a day full of promise and a plan, may veer into its own version of chaos and confusion. Today is not only a day of misreading signs, but also a day when we think we are right, and feel insistent on our feelings.

What makes this day difficult is that we are not right; In fact, we’re so far from the norm that it should be obvious when we’re making the wrong move — the motion we’ll be making today, May 5, during the square moon conjunction of Venus and the Sun of Uranus.

What will likely be the root of our problem today is that we don’t seem to understand Partner’s motives; It’s as if they’ve suddenly gone to the deep end, and here we are, trying to decipher their own codes. Why not just spit?

What are these strange songs and dances that they seem to go through in order to get their message across to us?

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What we’ll discover is that the “song and dance routine” is just for them, for fear of being rejected, and stating what’s on their mind without saying their true feelings. In other words, passive aggressiveness to the extreme.

Thus, we will deal with our partner’s inability to get to the point. And that would be frustrating. It’s hard to think that at important times in a relationship we should refer to playing “charades” in order to say what’s on our mind.

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