The secret mode for Super Punch-Out players has been revealed!! 28 years later

Video game secrets presenters have something new to keep them excited to finally follow the latest hype around Nier: Automata’s Rather, it is the disappointing secret of the Church; A hidden mode for players in Super Punch-Out has been revealed!! , 28 years after its release on SNES.

as such Explained cheat not listed – A Twitter account specializing in the video game “Secrets that no one has heard of until now” – Discovered “while fulfilling some orders” on Super Punch-Out and revealed two additional cheat codes on top of the audio test and the introduction of the Japanese name was a previously known cheat.

The first cheat opens a stage selection screen that enables players to take on any fighter, including Special Circle fighters, in one free match. This can be accessed from the Super Punch-Out title screen by holding down Y and R on controller 2 and then pressing A or Start on controller 1.

Get the first step right and you’ll be taken to this character identification screen.

Things get even smarter, however, when you choose a fighter on this newly revealed screen and then from their detail page hold down Controller 2’s B and Y buttons and press A or Start on Controller 1. That’s It makes it possible for a human to control the opponent’s CPU-driven character usually using the second controller to have a fun place for the players.

This one, in case you’re wondering, works with the Nintendo Switch Online version of Super Punch-Out (I’ve tested it myself in the name of science, and also in the name of having an excuse to play some Super Punch-Out), and others score equal success with the SNES Mini.

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So there you are! Join us in another 28 when someone spots a photo of their favorite Basson Miyamoto in Stunt Race FX after rotating a controller around his head in a counterclockwise motion and suggestively tickling the selector button.

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