The Russians tortured in the Kharkiv region. In Izium, services detected cables for leakage | World news

“We visited the Izium police station, which the Russian army turned into its base. There, in other cities of the Kharkiv region, the Russians set up a prison and a torture chamber,” says Srhiy Bolvinov, head of the police investigative department. In Kharkiv region.

The torture chamber at Izium. Electric shock cables were found in the basement

Bołwinow reports that investigators found it on the spot. List of prisoners, as well as torture devices. The officer replaced the power cables. He added that every cell where people are kept is tested, DNA samples are taken and fingerprints are collected.

“People were kept in dark cellars for weeks to months, not always understanding what the occupiers wanted from them” – he wrote.

Reports of torture chambers revealed in Kharkiv province did not appear until later Once First of all. Oleh Sinihubov, head of administration of Kharkiv province, said in an interview with Interfax agency.Ukraine About the torture chamber at the station in Strylexa, where the “occupation police” were stationed. Ukrainian services found there “an electric torture device,” as Sinihubov put it.

He talked about a similar case Volodymyr Ze³enski In a speech on Saturday. – Ukraine’s president said that after the liberation of Kharkiv province, Ukrainian forces found torture devices, including at the Kozaksa Lopany railway station.

Mass graves at Izium. 146 bodies were exhumed

As reported in Syniehubow’s telegram on Monday, 146 bodies have so far been exhumed from the mass graves at Izium. Most of them were civilians, including two children.

Some of the dead show signs of violent death, and there are bodies with handcuffs and signs of torture. The deceased also had shrapnel, shrapnel and stab wounds.

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All the bodies have been sent for forensic examination to determine the final cause of death.

“Want the whole world to know”

“Thank you to our police. Solicitors, employees of the State Ambulance Service, specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine, forensic experts, doctors and all those involved in this excavation for their hard work. Special thanks to the representatives of national and foreign mass media, “he wrote in Telegram. He insisted that the whole world should know about the heinous crimes of the Russian aggressors in the Kharkiv region.” He said there will be evidence collected. Used in international courts.

Julia Skoric, journalist of, wrote about the mass graves found in Izium: “The Russians They thoughtThe world will never know their heinous crimes. Like they wanted to bury the truth about Buksa, the truth about Mariupol, like they hid the truth about the Holodomor for decades… If the “Russian world” had won, they might have wanted to bury their atrocities too. [org. russkij mir]It will also be in Kharkiv region. “The full article is below:

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