The Russians lost $250 million in an instant. Another show of Ukrainians

Ukraine's armed forces boasted a front-line victory. In a recent video that has surfaced online, we see a Ukrainian drone operator spying on a field. At one point, intelligence observes highly valuable enemy equipment. It is a Russian R-330Ż “Zhytiel” electronic warfare system.

It was, because after the detection, the information with the coordinates had already been transferred to the artillery unit.. A precision strike – most likely by HIMARS operating in the region – completely destroyed the Moscow regime's technological innovations.

What exactly is the destroyed R-330Ż “Żytiel” system? It is a Russian electronic warfare system (known as WRE). Detect, locate and jam communications and satellite navigation signals. Neutralizes all targets within 25 kilometers. And it is very useful.

The rest of the article is below the video

R-330Ż “Żytiel” is a very valuable piece of equipment. Cost of a system It's between $200 and $250 million. The system is mobile – mounted on a truck chassis that can go anywhere on the battlefield.

The poor camouflage of such valuable equipment is an example of Russian short-sightedness. They think that if they hide in the bushes they will not be seen. It is at such a “push” location that a package that disrupts communication and navigation is observed.

A moment later it was all over. The precision strike completely destroyed the technological innovations of the Moscow regime. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, since the beginning of the war, Ukrainians have destroyed 6,707 tanks and more than 12,000 tanks. Enemy armored vehicles. ZSU experts have already caught a dozen or more “Żytels”.

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