The Russians are moving military equipment and soldiers from Belarus to Donbass

Russian forces are moving military equipment from Belarus to Donbas in eastern Ukraine, the independent Belarusian Hajun channel reported on Thursday in Telegram.

Large arms exports. Right on the border with Poland [WIDEO]

Ukrainian opposition leader Pavel Latushka tweeted, “A large train with military equipment was recorded 10 km from the border…

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According to this source Two transports left Belarus for Donetsk Oblast with military equipment and Russian soldiers. The first went to the Matveev-Kurhan station in Russia’s Rostov region on February 28. He is scheduled to arrive there on March 7. From there, on the engines of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic The 48-car train is bound for Ilovice in the Donetsk region.

The second transport departed on March 1 for Niklinovka station in the Rostov region. Where will it arrive on March 8th? From there, like the first one, it goes to Ilovice. This transport consists of 38 wagons.

Only available in both transports Two passenger carriages each and the remaining carriages carry military equipment.

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