The Russian woman was fined for wearing a blue and yellow hat

A resident of Moscow was fined 30 thousand. Ruble (PLN 1233) for wearing a yellow and blue hat and heart in Ukrainian – the legal aid group Freedom in the Net announced today on its Telegram channel.

In the case file of the prosecutor’s office, the accused woman “displayed in public a dress and a badge painted in the colors of the flag of the Republic of Ukraine, thus exposing a clear negative attitude towards the armed forces. Attracts the attention of the Russian Federation and the media and bloggers.”

According to the independent OVD-Info website, security forces have detained 14,980 people in anti-war protests since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Under the new law, “Public Measures to Defame the Russian Military,” these people are generally fined by colleges.

Prisoners can be fined up to PLN 100,000. Rubles (PLN 4110), officials and companies can be fined PLN 300,000 respectively. Rubles (12 thousand. 330 Slodis) and 1 million rubles (41 thousand. 100 Slodis).

Under the new law signed by President Putin on March 4, those who “knowingly publish false information” about the Russian armed forces and “special military operations” in Ukraine could face up to 15 years in prison.

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Russian investigators began the first criminal case under the new law on Wednesday. Three people have so far been accused of posting “lies” on social media, according to a Russian intelligence agency. The search was conducted at the homes of the suspects.

The Russian media has been ordered to publish only all official reports describing Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine as a “declaration of attack, invasion or war.”

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