The Russian soldier thought he was running. He jumped into the ditch and froze

It was posted on social media RegisterIt’s hard to ignore. They were shared by American Ryan O’Leary.

Extraordinary video from the front. The Russian thought he was running to his own lane

In the description of the verified profile, we read that the person is currently fighting War in UkraineFilling the posts 59th Motorized Regiment of Armed Forces.

From the accompanying text Posted the videoWe’ll figure it out Ukrainian soldiers launched an offensive to enemy positions They removed the trenches and took them awayWe have to wait for more reinforcements to arrive.

At one point, he appears in the frame Two running Russianswho apparently proceeded from the assumption that the trenches were still under the control of their armed forces. O’Leary quickly opened fire on the enemy, eliminating one aggressor. The second soldier managed to avoid being hit A hole dug in the ground was reached.

The Russian jumped into the trench and froze. His reaction was caught on camera

Maybe while running He didn’t realizeHe did not know from which direction the fire was being fired and the Russian trenches were captured first. It is clear in the next few seconds of the recording that he did not expect that.

“The enemy soldiers ran to us thinking we were Russians, but they found out instead Why should they be at home? And get out of Ukraine,” shouted an American in the 59th Motorized Regiment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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