The Russian propaganda is firmly in its power. “We must enter Poland”

Vladimir Soloviev, one of the key figures in Russian propaganda, convinced guests in the studio on the last episode of his show that Russia should “take back its lands.” He explained that the country was “looking for volunteers” and needed “200, maybe 300,000”. And produce more tanks to achieve this goal.

“We must enter the Russian city of Saab [miasto na zachodzie Ukrainy, przy granicy z Węgrami i Słowacją — przyp. red.]; We must follow the same path as the Russian warriors of the 18th century. “They marched before Germany became a unified country,” Solovyov said, much to the delight of the guests in the studio.

The propagandist urged an attack on Poland.

Let’s enter the traditional Russian city for hundreds of years, namely Warsaw. (…) Let these souls tremble with fear!

Soloviev added.

If you want to be poor, you bastards, know this – the Russian man may start slow, but he picks up speed!

he shouted.

After Solovyov, Sergei Mikheev, who had already spoken, spoke Rossiya 1 argued on campaign television that “[Ukraina] This land belongs to Russia”and “today is due to historical misunderstandings and betrayals.” Described as a political scientist, Mikheev returned to this thinking and argued that while “Great Russia was economically unprofitable” in Solovyov’s plan, all lands that had once belonged to Russia should be returned to it. “The collapse of the Soviet Union led to various conflicts,” Mikheev said, forgetting that these wars were mainly fueled by Russia and its imperialist mindset.

In Sołowiów’s performances, the Polish topic appears frequently. Lately a Kremlin propagandist He suggested bombing Polish territoriesBecause there were records showing German Panther tanks being transported to Ukraine through our country. what else, One of Solovyo’s studio guests argued that “Poland could be brought to its knees in an hour.” and “can be recovered [Polskę] To the Stone Age in 20 minutes.

Below is an excerpt of the dialogue from Sołowiow’s show (with English subtitles).

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