The Russian felt nervous. “Ukraine now, Estonia tomorrow” – o2

On Tuesday morning, the removal of the controversial monument to the Soviet T-34 tank began From the city of Narva in the eastern part of Estonia, on the border with Russia. The city is mostly inhabited by Russian-speaking people. We wrote more about this in the article The Poles moved to a Russian city in the EU [CZYTAJ SZCZEGÓŁY].

Russian anger after demolishing monument

The tank was taken to the Estonian War Museum. This angered Russians living in the region who believed that Russian and Soviet symbols should be welcomed everywhere. An angry Russian grabbed his phone and took a video on social media. In it he encouraged the “discovery and demolition of fascist monuments”. He also used the term in relation to Estonian officials. – They are not afraid of any responsibility – the Internet user added.

Under the sounds of the Russian national anthem, one victim of Kremlin propaganda said that “Russian troops will soon enter Estonia.” – Estonian cattle, do you think that any of our children will go to protect you? Caught on Russian Camera.

Two hours and Russia will be in Tallinn. Ukraine now, Estonia tomorrow – said the man, mesmerized by Kremlin propaganda.

Estonia removes Soviet monuments

Soviet monuments of historical value will not be removed, but transferred to a museum. We try to keep as many of them as possible so that future generations can learn from these painful lessons, the Prime Minister wrote.

The news portal reports that there are between 200 and 400 communist monuments in Estonia. By mid-November, 69 monuments glorifying Soviet rule are to be removed in neighboring Latvia.

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