The Rally Adventure DLC is now live, adding 27 new achievements

Forza Horizon 5’s second expansion, Rally Adventure, is now live, weighing in at 18GB on Xbox Series X and adding 27 new achievements worth 500G to Playground’s popular racing game.

We got the exclusive reveal of the Rally Adventure achievement list last week, and the new expansion is now live – download it and get dirty as you blast your way through another batch of Forza Horizon 5 achievements in one of the best games on Game Pass.

Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure DLC is now available for download

Forza Horizon 5 Premium Add-ons Pack

The Forza Horizon 5 Premium Add-Ons Pack includes FORZA HORIZON 5: RALLY ADVENTURE coming March 29th, and Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels, VIP, Car Pass, and Welcome Pack. This add-on requires Forza Horizon 5 (game sold separately).

While the base game had a big update yesterday to prepare it for the new expansion, Rally Adventure is actually a separate 18GB download. There was no preload option for the DLC, so if you own it or plan to pick it up, you may need to hit the store to replace the 10MB placeholder version you likely had installed with its entirety—we had to open the game to force the full file to start the download.

In case you missed it, here are 27 new achievements added in Rally Adventure, with the 500G increasing its off-road expansion.

name a description gamerscore
Welcome to Sierra Nueva Get to the Horizon Badlands Outpost 25
Rawan Win the first Horizon Rally event 10
Unlimited rally Crossing the first Split-Gate in the Horizon Rally event 10
It’s time to gather! Join the Horizon Raptors 20
that time of year Complete any seasonal activity in Sierra Nueva 10
road rally Join the Apex Predators team 20
In the quiet of the night Join the Grit Reapers 20
pink slip Win the first team champions race 20
Just Repin Work your way to Level 7 of the Apex Predators Reputation Challenge 20
Better together Win your first Horizon Race event 10
Rise to the level of deputy Work your way to Level 7 of the Horizon Raptors Reputation Challenge 20
Cash and rally Work your way to level 7 of the Gravel Harvester Reputation Challenge 20
Capture tab Win all 3 team champion races 25
Horizon Badlands champion Become the Horizon Badlands Rally Champion 50
Mister Canyon Earn 3 stars from every free PR Stunt in Sierra Nueva 25
road book Discover every road in Sierra Nueva 25
Keep calm and collected Win all Horizon Rally events 20
smilelicious Crush 15 Apex Predators 15
Generate alternate crushing flows Crush all 30 panels of Apex Predators 15
Connoisseur of course Win all Horizon Race events 20
smashtastic Crush 150 Pinata Trucks! 15
Backwards, at night, in the rain Complete all Ramiro reputation challenges 10
Follow me Complete all Alejandra reputation challenges 10
I will not change Complete all Alex reputation challenges 10
You completed it, dude Complete all reputation challenges 30
Put it on Smash Drive reaper bins crush 150 grit 15
Life Skills Bank 1 million skill points in Sierra Nueva 10
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Eager to return to Forza Horizon 5 for this new gathering-themed expansion? Let us know!

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