The Port of Gdansk is preparing to increase grain deliveries. New car parking and truck stops

After energy raw materials such as coal and liquid fuels – grain is another cargo group that is considered a priority here, the Port of Gdansk informed on Thursday. The port mainly deals with its exports – the volume of imports is very small. Both Polish and Ukrainian grain are loaded on ships. The current handling capacity of the port is estimated at 300,000. tonnes per month, which gives an annual turnover of 3.6 million tonnes.

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According to data from the Port of Gdansk, In 2022, just 1.9 million tons of grain passed through its seas. However, since the beginning of this year, operators have already reloaded over 764,000. tons of grains. Ships with grains (meal, corn, wheat, rye, faba bean, rapeseed, oilseeds) mainly go to ports in Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Belgium. Since the beginning of January, 115 ships carrying grain and three ships carrying grain have been serviced.

More space should be reserved for trucks

The capacity to import and export grain to the main terminals of PGE, GBT, Gdańskie Młyny and Magrol is a maximum of 758 cars and 71 wagons per day. From the beginning of the year to April, the port of Gdansk unloaded 13 thousand. 280 grain trucks and five cars were loaded. On the other hand, 1,827 wagons with grains were served in rail transport.

As the number of trucks serviced at the Port of Gdańsk has increased, buffer points for these vehicles have been prepared. The so-called parking spaces are located on the following streets: Budowniczych Portu Płn. (150 parking spaces), Ku Ujście (80 spaces), Załogowa (currently about 50 spaces with the possibility of increasing to 300), Śnieżna – Handlowa (170 spaces). In case of congestion on the access roads to the port, the port administration plans to allocate new areas for buffer parking – ul. Contenerova (for 600 cars) and Builders of North Port (for 150 cars).

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– We have a big challenge in transporting grain stocks that are currently stored outside of Poland. Exporting such quantities of grain is only possible by sea, says Kamil Tarczewski, deputy head of the Port of Gdansk Authority, quoted in the port’s report.

Grain handling at the Port of Gdańsk is handled by the following terminals: GBT/Malteurop at Bytomski Quay, Gdańsk Eksploatacja Port at Szczecińskie Quay, Magrol at Five Gwizdków Quay, Gdańskie the Zboyny, Vistula Quay at Zboyny OPP Quay and Ciark-Port.

Ukrainian grain is only in transit through Poland

Already on April 15, Poland closed the border for grain and goods imported from Ukraine – However, this is a unilateral decision by our country, meanwhile agreements on trade restrictions should be made by the entire community.

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