The Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office will investigate the damage to the Nord Stream pipelines

According to the National Prosecutor’s Office, during the investigation, prosecutors will explain whether a terrorist attack took place, as well as whether the spill affected the marine environment, and if so – to what extent.

Investigators note that the events took place in the waters of the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark, but their consequences may extend to both Polish waters and coastal areas.

During the trial, Polish prosecutors will also explain whether the submarine power cable connecting Poland and Sweden was damaged.

On Friday, the Minister of Justice, Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro, opened an investigation by the Pomeranian branch of the Organized Crime and Corruption Department of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk.

– Economic sanctions were not enough for the Anglo-Saxons, they embarked on sabotage, or indeed began to destroy the pan-European infrastructure – he said. – America wants to deceive or threaten everyone, they lie like Goebbels – Putin continued.

– Western hegemony will be broken. It is inevitable. We must do it for our nation, for historic Russia, he said.

Explosions near Nord Stream pipelines. The media shows how Russia could have done it

On Monday, the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany was blocked at three locations near the Danish island of Bornholm. Danish officials said the cause was a deliberate act, with explosions near the pipelines.

The Russian Navy is known for its ability to operate in the littoral, so it can sabotage the Nord Stream pipelines – The Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday. For example, the newspaper noted that the attack could have been carried out by small, detonated remote explosives that had been dropped at sea several months earlier.

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An explosive charge that breaks the pipeIt doesn’t have to be too big. Modern sea mines can also be detonated in response to a pre-programmed sound signature. So cargo can wait months for a signal nearby – but still far from the explosion – a “friendly” unit or an electronic device dropped from the plane “- the newspaper wrote.

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