The Polish army picked up the militia. “Russia's Extreme Action”

“We would like to inform you that tonight the active long-range aviation of the Russian Federation is being observed in connection with missile attacks of Tu-95, Tu-22 and MIG-31 aircraft against objects located on the territory of Ukraine.” The army said in a statement.

“All necessary procedures have been initiated to ensure the safety of Polish airspace, and the operational command of the armed forces continues to monitor the situation,” we read.

The Polish military also warned that “Polish and allied aircraft have been activated, resulting in increased noise in the southeastern part of the country.”

Russian airstrikes on Ukraine

On Friday morning, anti-aircraft alarms sounded across Ukraine, including the regions of Volyn and Lviv on the border with Poland, and the nearby Ternopil region.

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The governor of the Lviv region said the Russians had opened fire with others. Strike, energy infrastructure damaged. A drone strike caused a fire there.

On Friday morning, the Russian army attacked, among others. Kharkov. According to initial reports, no civilians were hurt in the rocket attack, but power supply was disrupted.

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