The plumber came to unclog the pipe. Inside, he found human remains

Plumbers were called to carry out a routine service to a flat in Rue de l’Industrie, Lyon. The property owner asked professionals to clean the clogged pipe. At one point, during the work, they made a shocking discovery. They found a leg and an arm and other body parts in the pipe. “They found a lot of human remains,” – reports the local service

On the same day, an electric saw was found near the apartment, which may have had something to do with the incident, the source said. The fact that an investigation is currently underway has shocked the residents of the area.

A criminal from Russia tried to hide the body in a pipe

It wouldn’t be the first time in history that a corpse was put in a pipe to cover up a crime. In 2018, a gruesome murder took place in the city of Domodedovo, 37 km from Russia. of Moscow.

The rest of the text is below the video:

The 59-year-old allegedly killed his sister and then dismembered her body. He then tried to dispose of more body parts by putting them in the toilet. These are stuck in the pipe. The situation quickly turned into a serious problem – residents began to complain to the building manager, who called in specialists to eliminate the error.

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corpse, as in France, invented by a plumber. In the middle of the tube was a 55-year-old woman’s hand, and more pieces of her body.


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