The plane suddenly disappeared from radar. Malawi vice president on board

A search is underway for the plane carrying Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima and nine others. The flight, which took off from the nation’s capital on Monday morning, disappeared from radar.

Office of the President of Malawi, East Africa Lazarus Zaquera The plane the Vice President was traveling in was reported missing Saulos Silima And nine others. Then at 9:00am on Monday morning, a military plane took off from the capital Lilongwe and was on its way to Mzuzu Airport. After 45 minutes he disappeared.

The President of Malawi orders the country’s Vice President to conduct a search and rescue operation

The President of Malawi was informed by the Chief of the Armed Forces of Malawi that the plane carrying Saulos Chilima had disappeared from radar. General Valentino Fr.

President ordered Search and rescue operation. “All attempts by the Civil Aviation Authority to contact the crew of the aircraft since the aircraft disappeared from radar have been unsuccessful,” the government said in a statement.

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Due to the critical situation, the President of Malawi has canceled a business trip to the Bahamas.

Saulos Silima was acquitted

Saulos Silima is 51 years old. Malawi’s vice president became famous after losing his position two years ago… Allegations of corruption. Allegations of bribery and a British-Malawian businessman were also implicated in the scandal.

After several hearings, the Malawi court dismissed the charges.

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