The Pixel Watch's April 2024 update will roll out with two new features

Google today is rolling out the latest update for the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 with the April 2024 security patch. It has arrived notably ahead of the phone's updates.

The Pixel Watch is now on the “April 5, 2024” security patch level. Based on Wear OS 4, TWD9.240405.001 is the build number for all four models.

to update: Pixel Watch of April 2024 Change log It touts “new features, numerous bug fixes, and performance updates.”

Vibration watch

  • The current time is triggered by touch when the user makes gestures on the watch face

Automatic brightness optimization:

  • Providing an improved experience in the auto brightness settings screen so that the user can easily see the difference when switching levels

To access, open Settings > Vibration > Vibration Watch. It lets you tap the watch face with two fingers for the current time as a series of vibrations. A single tap gives you the hour, while a double tap gives you the minutes. There are two types of vibration:

  • numbers: Your watch gives a long vibration of 10 and a short vibration of one
  • briefRound the current time to the nearest quarter hour. Your watch emits a short vibration for every 15-minute increment

The vibration speed options are: Very Slow, Slow, Medium (default), Fast, and Very Fast.

If you're having trouble with your Fitbit's “Main Goal” tile displaying the word “Steps” on two lines in smaller font sizes, make sure you update the ProtoLayout Renderer.

Tapping the Your Watch is up to date screen (Settings > System > System Updates) several times will start the download this afternoon. To speed up the process, open Connection preferences and disable Bluetooth to force a Wi-Fi connection. Images can be OTA Found here.

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More about the Pixel Watch:

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