The PiS candidate made a mistake. He got a question in English [WIDEO]

Valdemar Buda, PiS candidate for the European Parliament, was a guest on the “Varcecha Contra” program on the “Super Express” channel on YouTube. At one point, the host asked him a question in English. He emphasized that it was a test of language skills and asked about the difference between the Council of Europe and the Council of the European Union. Waldemar asked Buda to answer in English.

“Not everyone can say”

The European Parliament candidate limited himself to one sentence in which he said there were more important issues than his English. He continued his statement in Polish. – I know the procedures, they are complicated. I think the audience would like to know such a general layer… – he said.

Continuation of the material below the video

The host interrupted him and asked if he could say anything other than this one short sentence and if he could communicate with politicians from other countries behind the scenes of the European Parliament to “take care of Polish interests”.

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