The next Witcher game has been confirmed to be in development with Unreal Engine 5


CD Projekt Red announced that the next major game in the magician The series is under development.

The game represents a technical partnership between CD Projekt Red and Epic Games, with the new game taking advantage of Epic’s Unreal Engine 5. Previously, since then The Witcher 2: King KillersCD Projekt Red has always used its REDengine technology for its games (and it’s still being used for upcoming expansions of Boxed games). Cyberpunk 2077 movieas emphasized at the bottom of the statement).

As of now, no indication of development time, release window, or even target platforms has been announced. As such, it’s unclear if the game will make it to the Switch – which it seems never possible — or whether it’s likely to make it to Nintendo’s legendary next-gen console, or skip Nintendo consoles entirely. just please, There is no cloud version!

The former Witcher title of CD Projekt Red The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Made it to Switch native, of course, albeit with some Very intense graphic sacrifices.

Are you excited to play a new Witcher game? Will it even make it to the Switch? Share your thoughts below.

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