The new Rescue Rangers trailer is brutal

2D and 3D animated slide Dale looks in horror in a white tiled room.

screenshot: Disney

The world wasn’t ready for the meta-madness that was first trailer For the upcoming Disney+ Chip and Dale: Rescue the Rangers The movie “The Return,” probably because it’s coming from Andy Samberg and the crew of Lonely Island.

For example, who could have predicted the movie that took the beloved 90’s stars Disneycartoon afternoon And pair them up with Roger Rabbit, life insurance jobs, crippled cheese addiction, and terrifying cats from the cats? Now, a new trailer has arrived and a whole new question is asked: wHe can be expected lifeguards The film acknowledged the presence of male dancers from Chippendales, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Oh my God, what happened to Peter Pan Disney?

I have no words:

its just… Wonderful. It seems that the events hook But in the darkest timeline, the former leader of the Lost Boys appears to have grown up to be a filthy, sinister criminal with seeming ties to the Toon kidnapping ring that took over Flounder from little mermaid? (I write a lot of weird sentences for io9, but this one might take the cake.) Organization that’s also supposedly related to… This is amazing:

Image of the article titled Against All Odds, the Chip n' #39;  Dale: Rescue Rangers got more bananas

screenshot: Disney

Guys, these are cut-out cartoon characters from those characters and kept in individual bags like trophies at a serial killer’s mausoleum for victims. It’s horrific, crazy, and honestly unsettling to me. In a best-case scenario, I think these are cut-outs from the cartoon removed during “CGI surgery” Dale is clearly mentioned in both clips being removed from characters who voluntarily choose to have surgery, but the horrifying looks of both Dale and Dale suggest it’s something more sinister. Or it could be just because they’re looking at him Giant wall of severed body parts.

The Chip and Dale: Rescue the Rangers The movie will arrive at Disney+ on May 20. And that’s enough time for another trailer. I don’t know if I will be able to handle it.

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